Pacific Journal of Reproductive Health – 6th issue published

It’s a labour of love. Starting a biomedical journal was no easy task. But it had to┬ábe done. I was into the 2nd year of my PhD and one of the findings of my first paper was that researchers in the Pacific were finding it difficult to find avenues to publish their research. The Pacific Health Dialog, the flagship research journal of the Pacific was faltering and then stopped publishing in 2013. I knew there was a gap and it had to be filled.

So besides working on the PhD, which I completed in record time as a part-time PhD, I was researching how to get a Journal started. I found the Open Journal Systems and after many hours of reading, I set a launch date for the first issue. There were many disbelievers of course, but in my old age, you have learnt on your journey to ignore those type of people.

Now 3 years later, the 6th issue, with many good-read articles, is published. It would not have been possible without a good team. Just like any project, you need a good team. Dr Theresa Mittermeier as the Journal Manager has been superb.

Without the Journal, we would not have read of the voice of researchers in the Pacific region. There is evidence that it has stimulated research and encouraged people to write.

Passion and hard work have resulted in a publication that I am and am sure members of the Pacific Society for Reproductive Health are proud of.

Now, I need to work on the Pacific Health Dialog. First comeback issue is next month. More labour and more love are needed.

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